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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tutti Frutti

so frozen youghurt was made famous when celebrities started eating them (yeah right, actaully dat's how i got to noe of 'em).. so when i saw Tutti Frutti in TTDI early this year i was excited.. but then i never went to try it.. Zain opened a branch in Bangsar, so that was the first time i tried it.. on 17th September (the day mama buat rendang) Sara invited us to her house, kire mini open house..konon high tea, but we were the only one there... the rest decided nk dtg mlm plak.. sukati jer, dh la tuan rumah masak2 for u n u said nk dtg kol 4pm, tgk2 dtg mlm?? whutever, to me that's just rude, family ke ape.. it's still plain rude... anyway, dat night, Mariam ajak Tutti Frutti, so we went la, 3 cars, 11 of us... Mohsin tibe2 joined us (he sent Linus off for training)..

so how would i rate it? i'll say about 8/10... yummy, could taste the flavour of the fruit.. i took vanilla n strwaberry banana with a whole lotta stuff..

there's cornflakes, lychees, sprinkles, kacang n gummi bears hahahaha sumpah maen letak je... gotta be careful for those first timers cuz take whutever u want, price depends on weight.. mine cost around rm12.. Mariam blanje (or shall i say Abg Omar cuz tu leftover die bg Mariam for USS).. total for us all was rm118.. then the next day we went for Marvellous, tp xcukup... only managed to order 45bungkus.. so basically spend that whole week with my family.. fun fun time..

went for Tutti Frutti again the following week with my sisters but at TTDI only (sorry Zain).. this had more flavours.. i took Grape n Blueberry (sedap sgt2)

Bought some for mama after that (dh ajak tp mama xnk ikot) n she ate hers in less then 10 minutes.. aiyaa... we spent more then 30mins mkn k isk3... good thing she enjoyed it.. i bought Grape, Chocolate n Strawberry Banana for her.. xsempat snappy2..

jom Tutti Frutti again!!