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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Was it worth the Two Eighty?

after much slacking, i guess i should write up about USS, regardless whether it was great or not.. so beforehand, lets rate the whole day.. i'll give it 4/10.. but i'll give the time in USS itself a generous 7.5/10.. why? well here's why...

we're gonna start with 15th Sept, the day before.. so as u noe, i had to go to work dat day cuz apparently, someone needs to be in the office.. fast forward, i got home after that n was supposed to be packing, but i didn't... instead, i watched Psych. Gossip Girl n How to Train Your Dragon.. so in between, i packed a lil.. then at 12:30, took a shower, washed my hair n all n asked my sis whut time r we gonna go cuz we need to be there (Aishah's house) around 3am (planned to leave TTDI @ 3:30am).. so we thought we wanna stop by at 7/11 to buy some snacks on the road.. got ready n all n left the house around 2:15 i think.. we reached Aishah's house (was the 1st to arrive) n waited for the rest to come...few minutes later, they started to come n when it was almost 3:30, we started to walk to SK1 since the bus was waiting there.. only aunt gee wasn't there when we started walking (she waited at skool instead) so we all loaded the bus, all 55 of us.. aunty2 and d lil kid was in 1 bus, the cool kids was in the other...the bus left at 4am and so we're off..

wasn't much lively in the bus, some were getting some sleep.. less then 1hr, we reached PD (sumpah bus tu laju nk mampos), n we reached Pagoh about 6am, just in time for Subuh.. stopped there about half an hour, waited for Pak su K, cuz Adam n Jazzy were gonna join us... the guys managed to eat nasi lemak (xaci gler).. then we took off.. reached the bridge at 8am, so we were thinking, just in time babe.. USS opens at 9am anyway, so it's all going according to plan... NOT!! we were stuck on the bridge for a good 3 fucking hours.. it was a disaster.. at first we were a lil hype, made dialogues for a few men on boats then after half an hour n we were at the exact same spot, everybody got fed up n went to sleep... i managed to watch a movie (Little Big Soldier) 10am passed n i was supposed to book a place for lunch but that's out of the question... 12pm also passed which was supposed to be the deadline to collect our tickets, but Aishah (who didn't join us cuz of her fever) managed to tell the guy to wait for us.. the Singapore Immigration was another disaster.. i guess it's cuz Malaysia was a public day, there were a whole loads of tourist n all lanes were long, especially ours since the woman at the counter was freaking slow-mo.. we spent about an hour there before we could board the bus again n reached USS a lil after 1pm.. yeah i noe... finally!! if i've taken a flight the same time we started our journey, i would've reached Australia by then =b

so we reached there n took pics while Mohsin went to collect the tix.. we got vouchers as well, $5 for retail n meal each.. so we went in, n that's when all the fun began.. we were told dat d rides will be close at 6pm while the shops would close at 8pm, so we decided to ditch lunch an eat after since we were way behind time.. if i could recall properly, the park was divided into certain themes, Far Far Away, Madagascar, Mummy, Battlestar Gallactica and Hollywood.. the first ride we went on was the 4D Shrek.. it was the exact same ride like the one in MovieWorld Gold Coast but dat's ok.. not in order, but other rides that we went was the Mummy rollercoaster (the best out of all.. a lil scary at first, but i'll ride it again after knowing what to expect), the spinning cup, another rollercoaster in madagascar i think, then we went to watch the waterpark show which started around 4:30pm.. in between was pictaking session.. so when it was almost 6pm we were super hungry n decided to eat... nasi sambal udang, sedap gk la..

apparently even the shops closed at 6pm, actually the whole park did.. so we didn't manage to buy souvenirs.. we hang out near the exit, went for prayers (xder surau k kat situ.. semayang cm dlm store je dgn kotak2 n campur laki pompuan.. isk..even Australia pon ade surau k) den lepak2 jap cuz the bus will only come n get us at 9pm.. so when nothing else to do, we all exit, n just hang around the area... we split n a bunch of us jln2 there, where we saw Candylicious which wasn't open yet, but will be the next time we go there *kening kening*.. we went to the car park at around 8:50pm n the bus arrived just in time... loaded the bus, was on our way back... we were all exhausted that everyone slept.. we stopped at Machang i think, to send off Adam n Jazzy again.. Mohsin got out to chat with Pak su K, n izad n i didn't sleep while we stopped cuz she went to the loo n we started taking pics of ppl sleeping hahaha pics will be posted later, i'll try my best to do it asap cuz i noe, this is so outdated.. anyway, we reached TTDI a lil after 2am.. n went to Aishah's house cuz everybody was there (mama n papa picked us up at the skool), n luckily we did cuz when we were about to go back, we saw Sabrina n Baienah trying to fit into kak Bibi's kembara, n there was already Luqman, Bazrin, n Balqis at the back.. imagine squeezing in 5 ppl at the back, n we aren't talking bout lil kids here (although they are lil based on their age) so since we lived nearby, papa offered to send them back after sending us back..

so overall, the journey TO singapore was a disaster, but i did had loads of fun in Universal Studio itself.. it was good hanging out with the kazens, since we didn't do much during raya.. it was a tiring day, luckily i took the day off.. kesian izad, she had to go to work, cuz someone had to 'represent her dept', n she came home late that night cuz she followed papa n mama to send the girls.. as promised, mama cooked rendang ayam on that day cuz we said xpuas makan time raya...izad had 2hrs of lunch break so mama went to pick her up.. we ate a lot.. i ate 4 pieces of chicken n a whole lot of nasi impit.. i think the most i had in one meal ever... best rendang ever.. BEST hehehe over gler..

tired n can't wait to go home... movie 2nite wif both sis n mohsin..