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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Light!! Camera!! Action!!

so the liquidity team needed volunteers for their contingency funding plan (CFP) exercise.. since i saw a bit of the vids of their last exercise, n it kinda sounded fun, i decided to volunteered.. so last thursday (this post is so outdated), we had to act as Maybank's customer.. we were separated into a few groups to indicate different branches..  the first scene was at the ATM where there was no cash left n the queue was super long.. and people were complaining.. we did that in 3 takes hehehe oklah for amateurs right? then we had to wait up for a bit for other teams to settle their scenes first before we did ours.. it was a bit funny cuz we were given scripts but was not just limited to that.. we were supposed to add in some other stuff to make the scenes more believable i guess.. but when we were acting, we kinda repeated ourselves and wasn't really sure what to say... there were some time when we were all silent cuz we really2 didn't know what to say and was just waiting for the director (i think i can call him that) to say cut.. if we were in a movie, i could imagine the cricket sounds in the background heheheh that was done n we had our dinner...

that was part one.. part two, i was an anchorwoman.. paavitha actually approached me when i was on my way out the door, so i just kinda went with it, didn't really know what to expect.. they gave us our scripts, which was kinda long but luckily we didn't have to memorise it cuz they'll have the scripts in front of us during the shooting (eceh, shooting mcmla acting btol2) so the day came and i was super nervous.. nervous yg tgn sejuk2 tu huhuhuh dh la i had a blocked nose, so i sounded slot was at about 2:50pm so by after lunch i was almost a mess hehehehe they had this green screen set up at the background, like a real newsroom i guess (i wouldn't really know how a real newsroom look like), n they had this two square lighting like what u'll see on a real movie set.. so just imagine how nervous i got, especially (when i think about it and mentioned to wahida) i've always wanted to be an actress hehehehe

so ashraff suggested me to go in the room n see how they do it just for me to get a feel, n it didn't really helped much cuz i was still nervous (mmg poyo nk mampos la nervous2 tibe2 ni huhuhuh) i could still picture the nerve i was trying get just to start testing reading my script cuz they wanted to see how'd we'd do before they started shooting... i kept reading it to myself when i was supposed to read it out load... n then it kinda hit me, i was ok with reading it with the right tone, but i didn't know what expression to put on.. hence the ridiculous take where i thought i was smiling after reading n then did a mental note that it was not funny so i had to do another take... overall fun experience but i wish i could do better.. i felt like i was blabbering a lot n the BM part was so hard.. " i sound stupid in malay" hehehe they had words that i rarely use like cawangan2, n the sentence was long n i felt like my tongue was twisted when i was doing that part.. 

*sigh* berangan nk jadi actress but nervous depan camera.. how la.. nervous in front of the camera doesn't mean i cannot act right? i've always wanted to act in theater and they don't have  cameras in front of ur face then right? hahahaha i think i should try out.. n if they ask for my experience, i'll just ask them to refer to Jue n Shikin.. they know what a great actress i am kn2? hahahaha shikin's birthday prank among the notable ones (plus those that are better kept to ourselves heheheh) but yeah, let's just say, shikin might not get that worry the next time she gets a phone call from me crying muahahaha some pics are on fb taken by others... malas plak nk cilok..  tu jer la kot... toodles..