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Monday, April 02, 2012

I Secretly Want You

I sat in a corner, observing you and her,
the two of u snuggling like you're the only people in this world,
it kinda made me sick, i felt like puking, 
u being all sweet, her being all mushy,
i hear you laughing at her jokes,
that wide smile on her face of satisfaction,
cracking sounds heard as if my heart broke,
the scary thoughts of losing my obsession,
i know u chose her cuz she's easy,
i'm one of them girls that can't be fool,
but i still hope u showed interest in me,
instead of wasting your time on that stupid tool,
it annoys me when people tease the two of you,
don't they know that i want you too?
yeah you might be a jerk sometime,
acting cool as if you have a witty mind,
but i don't seem to care, you're still a safe choice for me,
cuz when it comes to guys, i like choosing the ones with less honesty,

### sgt2 lame.. towards the end xder idea.. ppfftttt ###