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Friday, April 13, 2012

Tskk Tskk Part 2?



sedih giler huhuhu this morning i drove to work and there was this smacking sound.. it turns out that something fell on my car (n i still don't know what it is) n now my front mirror is cracked!! it might be just a little crack (as big as my pinky finger) but it's still a CRACK!!  i thought i had to change the whole thing but ady said i could just go tampal it.. i hope it won't cost a lot n won't leave any kesan on it.. i jaga my car the best i could (poyo padahal malas cuci etc).. but die bersih xbyk junk dlm tu, n try xlanggar anything since i'm such a pro driver muahahaah tgklah, maybe my checklist for the weekend...