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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Habib Umar =)

This is the 2nd time i've seen him, the 1st was at Masjid Wilayah a few years ago.. well yesterday, took the day off to follow mama to Masjid Al-Fallah USJ since Habib Umar will be there.. he'll be going to probably Kedah n Johor next so i won't be joining that.. n i heard he'll be going to kampung captain ismail, but mama will already be going for her umrah then, so maybe tak join that one too.. 

1st time at Masjid Al-Fallah, the interior cantek, doesn't really match the outside but who cares right.. but semlm blackout huhuhuh tgh2 Habib Mahdi bg tazkirah plak tu.. they tried to turn the lights back on but xdpt.. it only came back on when we started Isya' prayers.. then after bacer maulid, Habib Umar gave his tazkirah translated by the one and only Habib Ali =D excited sgt nmpk dier heheheh

 sempat camwhore jap before majlis start... nk jeleskn yaya heheheh

 tgk kat tv screen jer huhuhuh if dpt screen besar lg best  =b 

 the pic gets blurry as i zoom closer..

 Habib Ali  =D

they are actually that far...

the qasidah wasn't as it was usually... Ya Hanana mcm laju sket tempo die.. and Qad Kaffani was using a different melody.. nvm, all is good anyway..

on another note, my mum and sis will be leaving this saturday boohoo gonna miss them a whole bunch... what am i gonna do without them... 13 freaking days huhuhuh *weep*