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Monday, April 16, 2012

Countdown: 2 Weeks To Go

Halamak... over excited la plak.. can't hardly wait till the 29th arrive.. i'm going to an Avenged Sevenfold concert!!! finally!! and i'm dragging my cousins along with me.. abang n mohsin (shikin's favourite) hahahaha well, adam is going there voluntarily actually.. sian ilyas can't follow cuz he got school the next day.. boo hoo.. already planned what to wear, although it does seem a little clishe' but what the heck.. hopefully this won't be one of those concerts where u have so much hope about it and it turned out just average  =s i just hope it don't suck...

i've already been listening to their songs just in case i forget (will i ever?), n also listening to songs i wasn't really familiar with.. n i just hope mohsin already 'studied' the songs i sent him (nnt shikin risau) hahahaha kin xnk gi ker? wan dh tny psl tix, rsnyer still ade lg.. kn best if korg confirm awal2.. kite yg over excited n xsabar langsung dh made plans cepat2 =b i freaking miss u guys la.. June seems such a long way to go..  but till june arrive, i'll be looking forward to the 29th.. 

wan, to spot me in the crowd, i'll be the girl NOT wearing the Deathbat...