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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We're On A Roll Here

this must be some kind of record here i'm making right? i can't even count how many post i have here for the past few days... n yes Kin, sometimes ppl do have several post in one day =b whut i wanna have for this post (inspired by Hani) is to post pics of my collegues here i have in Maybank.. as u may noe, i dun have dat much frens (aawww c'mon) n i dun get along easy with others.. my frens in high school, n frens in college n even Marcus Evans all consist of non-Malays.. yes, sometimes a get a long better with them... not racist or anything, but before this, i never seem to fit in the malay clique (or maybe there are other reasons contributing to it) so the frens i make here in Maybank could be considered the 2nd batch of malay frens i make (not dat i care what race they are anyway)...

so here are some pics from our MRM dinner... Enjoy

Glow in the Dark


Look @ Sam (Guy in Red up front)

Presenting Sam!!!

With Baby Qaseh (Celebrity of the Night)

Doing the poco poco (Work it Baby)

Such a fun night...


CIK NANA said...

Best2, kenangan nie.
Sampai Hani sakit tengkuk!!