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Monday, August 09, 2010


just had lunch... such a lazy day today... currently listening to my playlist of A7X... had an obsessive weekend of 'em.. Nightmare is growing on me.. they sure have a bunch of great songs (and quite long too) super great chorus, which i can't seem to get off my mind... how is it that i haven't heard of them until 2 years ago?? right, cuz i was more of a popchick then n the most hardcore of rock dat i listen too weren't that heavy n involve less screaming.. i guess dat trip to Genting really pays off then.. Dear God was on constant replay on Ajs' radio n i've since then dat has been one of my favourite song, musically n lyrically... n currently my ringtone for my dearest BB... would prefer to have it sooner but with dat nokia of mine with limited space, i only used songs that i already had as my ringtone, which is basically Beep by PCD, n for Jue n Kin was Pimp by 50 cent, n for family was some techno song which i havn't heard of before i got dat phone...

so after learning to cut song (thanx to our dinner performance for MRM), i decided to cut some songs as my new ringtone.. i can't seem to let go of Dear God's intro, so i opt to use the chorus of Afterlife for my sisters and d chorus of A Little Piece of Heaven for Jue n Kin... well, since i dun get dat much call anyway, so i'll jest settle for that for the time being.. yup, continuing the A7X obsession so we'll just see how it go..

on another note, it's kinda funny (not funny ha-ha) dat i keep my phone on silent in the office.. i mean, it's not like i'm in a library or in class anymore right.. i mean, i hear other ppls ringtone all the time to the extent that i can call dat person's n say their phone is ringing if their not around..


sleepy sleepy lazy lazy... went back to PD during the weekend... got loads of rambutan.. it was Baby B's 2nd birthday!! so cute i wanna preserve her like dat forever hahaha i miss Basirah so much.. she's a big girl now, already halfway through her 1st yr in primary school.. i could still picture her as this very little girl who i used to play with.. Selamat Hari Raya Kak Inaz.. ..Sape penah tido otel?.. i dah pandai godek... kite lagi suke kak epa sbb rambut die panjang n cantek... hehehe those are basically a few of her words which really lands a spot in my heart.. i think i really had one of those "look how fast they grow up" moment wehn i look at her.. i can't imagine having my own baby n really seeing her growing up before my eyes... hmm kinda makes me appreciate my mum even more hahahha yeah, i'm quite a disappointment sumtimes, so sorry for dat.. i didn't really turn out the way u'd thought right?

right so stop stop stop.. u're starting to blabber girl.. stop now!! hahaha yes i'm dat bored n i really dun wanna continue working.. but she's back sitting right behind me so i guess i better go..

You should have known, the price of evil....