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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque

To Build or Not To Build?

Right, so it's not exactly built at Ground Zero, but that's what news reports are reporting.. over a couple of months already, this has been a huge issue worldwide.. Should a Mosque be build two blocks away from where the WTC used to be? as a Muslim, off course i'd say go ahead.. besides, it's not actually build on the exact spot.. instead, it's build on a private property.. so they're not really breaking any laws..

others argue that these people needs to be a little bit sensitive towards this situation.. sure, 9/11 has in fact effected a whole lot of ppl.. i could still remember that night when we got a phone from my dad's fren asking him to watch CNN prompto, and so we did..n to our horror (n others too) a plane (make that two) crashed into the WTC.. the building burnt for a few while before collapsing altogether.. it was such a disaster and i remember following the news religously just to noe if there were any survivors found.. no more MTV or Channel V at home.. it was CNN or NBC throughout the way.. got home from school nad i'd ask my mum if there was any update...

done with flashback, moving on.. so maybe there would be a possibility to be a lil wee sensitive but then, just because they claimed that the terrorist were Muslim, do we have to appologise on their behalf? do we have to sacrifice this bit? it's like me saying, ok i won't raise or adopt a kid cuz apparently, girls make babies and just dump them.. unrelated? whutever.. "The problem with stopping this Islamic center is that it implies that the Muslim world is responsible for [the Sept. 11 attacks] when it's al-Qaeda that's responsible," -Keith Ellison.

so... thoughts?


good article written by Ziad Haider in The Sun paper on 2nd Septermber 2010.. can't find a link tho...