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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Slow Down Baby

lets tone it down a lil' bit.. i dun write that much anymore... merely cuz i'm tired most of the time.. i used to post when i'm in the office but work needs to be done, so i choose to delay my post (although i have drafts as usual, they're just not complete).. n since it's fasting month, tho i get home a lil bit early, i have to help my mum out a bit for our break fast.. den get some rest... i get sleepy pretty early too, but sometimes i manage to watch a few tv shows.. i just dun go online n sit in front of the laptop to write.. i think it takes too much effort =b

read the papers this morning.. depressing as usual.. horrible flood in Pakistan, hijacked bus ended badly in Manilla, jet crash in China, death everywhere in Malaysia... yup, just the norm..