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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It came Unexpectedly

so i haven't been writing much far a long time now.. up until last night, i can't even recall the last time i manage to write something that i was proud of (which was within my standards of course).. i remember once i had this enthusiasm n wrote about 4 poems in a row.. n the coolest thing was dat i didn't even had to try dat much becuz it all just seems to fall into place perfectly.. i guess the harder u try, ther harder it gets.. so yeah, last last was something good for me.. might not seem like a big fuss to most, but to me it did matter sumhow.. now i noe i ain't the type to write non-stop or at least once a month.. i mean if u look at my overall blog, it's not just poetry as i would like it to be.. instead it's just a bunch of stories which i can't seem to tell more beautifully (not dat my poems r ever beautiful haha)..

so what i did last night was kinda like one of those moment i used to have.. where it just came out of nowhere n the words started to flow... i think it's up a level where i don't use cliche' words that much... or is it just me? hahaha i was about to write more about A7X, particularly M Shadows but after browsing pics of him to post and making up captions to go with it, i suddenly felt like the urge to write.. n when i did, my imagination seems to wander.. n finally i ended up writing about 6 sets right? all within 5 mins.. so i guess when songwriters say dat they write a song in about an hour, it kinda make sense.. mine is just more lousy dat's y it took a shorter time to finish =b

right, so u may think, no biggie (n if so, scram u!!)n i feel like throughout this post i'm just repeating myself, but really, i just needed it.. i guess when it all feels right, then it's right.. i hope i get back on the horse soon again, but till then, we'll just see.. i might come up with something dark, which i quite enjoy now after hearing these songs..

my lil sis walked into our room once while i was listening to them n asked since when did i listen to these music... i guess i could never really say.. we used to like the same music.. n whutever music @ bands dat i like n introduce to them, n they seem to like it, my love for them seems to grow so-so... but with Christina Aguilera @ Taylor Swift or maybe even Avenged Sevenfold, they don't seem to bother much n i don't seem to care cuz i'll just love them more =b


seems like a long one right.. so we might start fasting tomorrow.. managed to have breakfast with my collegues this morning... hope this will be a good month.. can't wait for Raya to come.. the gatherings, the food, the gatherings, and more food.. yeah girl, stop drooling.. gonna take pics pics pics.. gonna give money money money... yikes.. alright i'm bored n my brain is sleeping...