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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Petknode Fiasco

well this isn't really an up-to-date post... many have been posting about this and also tweeting about it.. i personally get the updates from Joe Lee's twitter.. long story short, there were two fucktards from Petknode who scammed ppl (yes, it's considered a scam) by running a 'cat hotel' but then abandoning them.. n we're not talking about 2 or 3 cats here.. we're talking bout 200++, and some are still missing.. a whole lot of activist, media n volunteers came together to help rescue the cats, who were left starving and in great trauma.. some were even dead when they got there... it's obvious that if u are offering service to take care of ppls cats, AND getting PAID FOR IT, you will have to do ur duties... using the excuse that u were shorthanded doesn't do u justice... why would u take in so many cats then?? this is off course based on their so-called apology in facebook here.. which i'm sure everyone know is only crap.. the only thing they are sorry for is that they got caught (it's cliche' but it's true)..

having family members to clean out the premises doesn't help u either.. and the absurd part is that they were stupid enough to report of breaking and entering, when the volunteers were on a rescue mission... i mean, if i trust u to take care of my cat and found that u just left it to die, i would want to have it back n i dun need ur fucking permission to go get it, regardless of where it is... even 'No Trespassing' has it's limit.. u don't walk by a private property, see it on fire and hearing screams n not do anything about it because there's a stupid sign that says No Trespassing.. fine, maybe it's not exactly the same case but anyway, u don't be idiots n think that u can get away with it...

the police ain't much help either from what i hear.. i try not to hate on d cops, cuz my grandfather was one.. but the cops on this case are ridiculous.. of course it's animals we're talking about here and not children, but lives are at stake here... u can't diss this off n assume it's a petty thing for ppl to abuse animals.. i thought by recent revelation bout how cruel ppl could be to animals, from the puppy who was forced to stand n thrown around, to the cats being hit n kicked at so many times, the authorities would realise how serious this is.. i'm not an expert bout who should be responsible in making sure that laws are enforced or what not, but i trust the reporters and NGOs does.. n when they say that no serious action was taken, i believe them... so hopefully, this would be the last case of this such to happen.. otherwise, it'll take the whole world to condemn us as a country and only then will the government react.. and by react, i mean menggelabah mak ayam...

anyway, the main reason why i wanted to post this (other than giving my two cent) is to have a bunch of links n info that might help out..

- Read here for more info on this (there's more links there) and also more pics of Petknode (as dark as i am, my heart ain't strong enough to post those pics here)
- The NGO actively helping out here and here...
- Contact the Department of Veterinary Services by emailing them at or (send it to Dato' Dr Abdul Aziz Jamaluddin himself) or call/sms 019-5136055..
- Go harass Shahrul Azuwan and Yushairi, the owner of Petknode by calling or texting them at 012-6606423 (although not sure if they're abandoned that number too) and their recent address at H-16-05, Block 11, Tingkat 16, No 5, Flora Damansara, Jalan PJU 10/8, 47820 Damansara Damai.

That's all i have but i'd recommend following twitter for recent updates either Joe or KTAJ or nsurendrann (sorry no link but i was told he's the lawyer for this case) n if any of the links doesn't work, lemme noe cuz Maybank blocks several site so i can't test them out..

p/s: Najib (as in our PM) will be at Maybank this Friday 9 Sept 2011, for some perasmian logo n Raya Open house.. we should get him involve n have him aware of this case (not sure if he is) i don't noe if that info helps..