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Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Round of Blabbering

i notice i dun blog at home.. prefer to do it in the office.. hmm wonder why... i hope the amount of post on thursday made up for the lack thereof during the weekend.. been simming a lot, i'm addicted to it once again.. my 1st daughter is a young adult, n turned her imaginary fren to a real boy, my 2nd daughter became a child, n my mother re-married again n they have a son together..carzy!! anything can happen in sims  =b  next plan is to move out the 'imaginary fren', ask my sis the renovate the house or maybe move them altogether to a bigger one.. but will depend on how much they have.. the new husband just started working.. wanna make the eldest a babysitter, havn't tried that before.. n take my mother to china again for a sparring tournament which i wasn't able to the last time hahahaha (psycho)

on another note, had a good chat my my fren.. i miss her so much.. it's so true, no matter how much life drifts u apart, they're the only person u can honestly rely on.. i was wrong about a lot of things.. it makes u appreciate things more.. cherish the ones we have.. n when i utter words to her, the truthfullness of it just hits a spot.. it becomes so real that it overwhelms u.. that emotional feeling i get all the time, it never fail to make me cry.. n once again, i was that young girl, clinging to u for that happiness u bring to my life.. it's true u do... so looking forward to meet u again  =b

here i go again, blabbering *sigh* it's what i do best... hehehe on another boring note, i get all the ALCO hype now.. managed to do two sets of ALCO slides, for the BNM CRR n also the UBS Rouge Trader.. loads of help from my supervisor which i totally respect muahaha still, doesn't mean i've settled.. ok done bye..

finding time to go have our family lunch/dinner (since vacay won't be a show) thinking of Japanses food.. owhh yummeyyhhh  =b