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Friday, September 09, 2011

Hoping For The Best

i guess it's decided, i'm gonna update my resume, n go to the Job Street Career Fair next week with my sister, in hope of finding a new job.. otherwise, i guess i'll switch department.. i'm still in limbo about what i wanna do with my life.. career wise that it... i haven't really have a true passion, which would be awesome if i could turn it as a career...but i wanna find something i enjoy doing n most importantly UNDERSTAND, rather than doing something just for the sake of it... i'm already a zombie/robot, going thru day by day without really putting much thought in it.. i dun think i can survive being this for another year.. but we'll see.. i ain't no risk taker, n i rarely leave my comfort zone (not that i'm saying where i am is comforting).. but i think i need to man up and do something right for once.. i guess i havn't really put much thought to it cuz i've been day-dreaming of marrying a rich man n being a housewife n mother to my kids *pukes* muahahaha something like my mother.. but that ain't gonna happen girl, so now i need to take charge.. 

n i'm taking the fair as my 1st step... in the meantime, i might ask around from college frens n see what they're doing.. actually i do noe what some of them are doing, just keeping my options open.. i'm just a little nervous starting from square one.. i've never really been good at it.. if u ask me what kinda job i'm looking for, i havn't really got a clue.. i would enjoy something less technical.. something that i dun really have to pick my brain (dream big, girl).. other than the fact that i'm lazy (say whut?), i guess that havn't really been my strength from start... owh yes, in short, i'm stoopid  =b  i think i enjoy a job that deals with ppl.. i love Marcus Evans where i need to talk to ppl, it's just the lead research that i hate.. i'm thinking of being a volunteer, but not so sure how that could be a career..

i'm starting to have flashback where my aunt suggested me to be get a job working with old ppl, cuz she saw me taking care of my grandma when she had her operation.. i guess that would be good, but come to think of it, they were my grandma.. of course i'll take care of them cuz i love them.. but with strangers, not so sure.. maybe over the time i'll learn to love them.. but as for now, i'm still undecided on what to do.. i need help.. who do i go to for help??

so what kinda job is suitable for someone with a Marketing & Management degree but with a 1 year experience in Market Risk (which doesn't say much)