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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You Know That I'm A Crazy Chick

I do what i do when i feel like it....

not such a good start to the day.. train had technical difficulties and i came in at 8:10.. still early but a bit late from my usual schedule.. having to read what i read a few seconds ago didn't help too *sigh* anyway, my new glasses are ready and could be picked up yesterday but didn't have time so might go there later... in a few hours, i'm a brand new geek hehehe been simming social a lot now.. addicted to it cuz we've got goals to achieve  hoyeahh nothing much going on.. same ol- same ol...

didn't feel like writing much about the 10th anniversary of Sept 11.. i'm sure lots can be read throughout the web.. more interesting stories from ppl who survived the attack and also those who were supposed to be in the 4 flights that crashed.. there were tv shows that even showed messeges from the passengers of the plane, which i yet to watch.. so yeah, nothing much to write about it except that i could still remember that night when we got a phone call from my dad's fren, asking him to tune into CNN (at that time i thought he said St. Anne)... n to our horror, they showed the clip of the 2nd plane crashing into the building.. n i think i've been following up on the news for like 2 weeks, before slowing down.. the news channel was constantly on (say no to MTV hahaha) n it was devastated indeed..

anyway, that's all for this morning... no other outro than to sing it... sing it with me y'all

and that's why i smile,
it's been a while,
since everyday and everything has felt this right,
and now,
you turn it all around,
and suddenly you're all i need,
the reason why i smile...  =)