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Monday, September 05, 2011

Family Portrait

a little girl in a lonely room,
suffocated by the noise, all in gloom,
voice rising, each louder than the other,
it's been the same through thick and thin weather.
a little girl with no shoulder to cry on,
if she knew her fate earlier, she'd wish she was never born,
to the outside world, they lived happily,
behind closed doors, they suffered miserably.
a little girl stuck between a broken marriage,
nothing can be saved, everything was damaged,
they're at it again, she prayed it will all end,
the heated arguments and shouting, she can no longer comprehend.
a littler girl hugging her old teddy bear for solace,
and imagined herself in a peaceful place,
that is filled with butterflies and double rainbows,
soft green grass between her toes.
a little girl, now back to reality,
breath held for a minute that felt like an eternity,
the door slammed open, and there stood a guy,
unshaven and dirty with a swollen eye.
a little girl watched him takes off his shoes,
let out a sigh while letting his tie loose,
a bottle fell out of his hand,
crashes to the floor on top of a pile of cans.
a little girl wants this all to stop,
she misses her parents a lot,
she don't see them that often, always staying hid,
she can't make them stop, after all, she's just a kid.
a little girl looking up at a portrait,
smiles on their faces, for once they looked great,
she tried to reminisce the old days when they were happy,
sadly she can't think of any.
a littler girl all torn up inside,
just waiting for her pain to subside,
laid her head down on a lonely pillow,
cried her eyes out in deep sorrow.