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Friday, September 23, 2011

Sleepers, One of My Fave Movie Ever

there are a couple of things a movie needs to have for it to make it on my list.. one of it is off course when watching a movie, i like to have the same feeling i had when i 1st watch it.. so movies that i was really moved by it would be Coach Carter, Slumdog Millionaire, Finding Nemo =b to name a few.. and off course, the title of today, Sleepers.

first watch this movie way back in Labuan n totally fell in love with it.. lots of stars in the movie but i think it's a lil underrated.. Kevin Bacon is in it weehoo perhaps the only movie with Bard Pitt that i love.. hehehe i guess i've always had a thing about tortured souls and revenge..i like the way their revenge was paid... those lil boys going through all that just because of one lil mistake.. n i like that it naver fail to make me cry each time i watch it.. i like how they were still looking at each others back despite going to different directions.. kinda make me miss my frens =D i still love them, but might not show it that much now..

n to think of what Father Bobby did for them.. it definitely means a lot.. n also the look on Michael's face when Carol told him that Shakes told them everything.. the pain in all their eyes watching Furguson on the stand as a witness.. brings back so much dark memories.. watch it, u just may like it.. 

not a monthly movie review.. just that i watch it last night n fell in love with it all over again..