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Thursday, August 16, 2012

You're Never Fully Dress Without A Smile


Today I is very the happy hehehehe Maybank will be giving a speacial ex-gratia to most of it's staff... meaning, we'll be getting RM1000 for freeeeee  weehooooo cover duit raya nk bg my relatives hahahaha or maybe Galaxy tab i bought tu  =b (but need to bare in mind the EPF and tax that will be cut from there boohoo)  

anyway, just a quickie.. Raya is approaching very soon.. just wanna wish u all Happy Hari Raya.. those spending raya as new wives (muahahahaha) good luck with that.. xyah gadoh2 plih nk raya mane kn? untung husband korg dpt wife cm korg kn.. hahahaha i hope this raya will be a festive one for me.. can't wait to celebrate it with opah.. hopefully die sehat.. looking forward for the food.. dh terliur heheheh oklah that's it.. saje je nk kecoh2  =b

Selamat Hari Raya y'all  =)  be safe..