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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Today Is Not A Good Day

suddenly everything (well almost everything) for me went wrong.. i woke up still unable to figure out what my boss asked me to do.. then when i got to work, this son of a bitch keep pestering me with this one task i needed to do... and in my head, i keep calling him all these bad name that directly hilangkn my pahala puasa.. he is officially a fat pig to me, and i want no association with him what-so-ever.. it's one thing being annoying but being cynical about it with that ugly face of urs doesn't really help.. that was enough to set my mood for the day... then there was this meeting i was unaware of.. she tends to do that sometimes.. i know it's cuz she has a lot in hand, but i feel like i've been ambushed.. suddenly i have to bring this and that, and all the while recalling what the hell she's talking about.. then when i can't figure it out, i finally asked her what meeting was this for.. and she was like "i didn't tell u?" hell no u didn't.. then i have to sit there explaining to some guy about things i did that i wasn't sure of... it was definitely one of the point where i felt like quitting.. i don't know why i still torture myself by having this job anyway.. there's nothing about it that makes me wanna stay, and the only reason i am staying there (for now anyway), besides not knowing what else i can do, is because it seems that my parents want me there.. and i'm an expert at doing what they want.. i took a degree course that they wanted me too, and know i have a job that they want me too... *sigh*


and yet again, another back dated post... so yeah yesterday didn't go well for me.. needed some music to calm me down.. then i figured i might as well do something on my task to at least move half an inch further..and so i decided to stay back.. and since it's the fasting month and the rest of the family had terawih, i told lil sis to fetch me once they're done.. left the office n went to klcc to buy some food... sanggup semata-mata nk minum gong cha.. bought some sushi and cucuk2 and that's what i had for my break fast.. then went back to the office at around 8:15 and it was already empty.. managed to do add on some things but it's still incomplete.. they reached around 10:20 so i left then.. went home n watched some tv.. slept at almost 2am... n now i is very the sleepy *yawn* wanna take a day off next week, not sure when though.. this morning, still can't find the motivation to work.. i know i have a new motivation, our next vacation, but it didn't seem to work this morning... oklah, malas tulis.. backdated post 'plop' tu...  bye


The Yum List said...

Oh what a bad start to your day. :-( Sounds as though you need to change jobs.