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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Food for Thought

Which will you consider to be a more dangerous situation? Being in a 'bad' environment but within your control or out of your control.. i've been thinking recently, if you attend a concert and there was a possibility of drugs passing around, would you be cautious of the situation? Or will it have no impact on you since you know for sure it's not something you're interested in and no amount of 'peer pressure' will persuade you to do it.. how about if you're in a country where there might be suicide bomber or kidnapping? Will you be afraid to go there or would you think that bad things can happen anywhere so there's nothing to worry about..
You see, these two are very different scenarios but some people worries about the 1st situation and won't mind about the 2nd.. whereas others won't mind about 1st situation but will freak out about the latter.. ultimately, both could result in your death depending on the severity of the situation.. what differentiate between the two?

Trust.. to me, if you have to warn me about drugs and the possibility of it being passed to me, it shows that you don't trust me enough to make good judgement and say no.. to me, it means that you have doubt on me and think that it is something that i am capable of doing.. whereas if you warn me about the 2nd situation, it shows that you don't trust others.. no matter how cautios i am, other people's action will dictate the result..
So which one are you?