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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Palmerston North Motel

Beds: 1 king, 1 queen, 2 single

Price: $218 per night (6 adults)

This was basically a touch n go motel.. not sure how many hours we spent between checking in and checking out but is definitely the shortest out of all (not sure it’s true but that’s what it felt like anyway).. it was dark when we reached there, around 9pm, but we did managed to find the hotel easily thanks to Samantha.. don’t really know if it’s near a supermarket cuz we didn’t go shopping for groceries.. 2-bedroom unit with a little weird bedding.. one room had a king size bed so izad n fiq got that room.. the other had a queen bed and a single bed so my parents and yaya took that room.. I got the single bed at the living room.. was a bit scary sleeping outside alone but we switched on some night light so I was fine.. plus it was quite tiring with the long drive hehehe

Nice kitchen area but we didn’t cook much.. we were tired for dinner so we only had light dinner but next morning we did make breakfast.. the dining table however wasn’t placed well so if we did have a full meal, we couldn’t even comfortably sit 4 people there.. it was compensated though with the 2 sofas at the living room, which is mostly where we sat and watched tv..

didn't managed to hang out much here as we needed to head out early the next day, as usual.. i rate the place 7/10, mostly cuz they have a nice living room.. but minus points for the dining table..