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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Oxford Court Motel

Beds: 1 queen, 2 singles, 1 pull-out sofa

Price: $130 per night (6 adults)

After the ferry ride and not that long of a drive, we reached the motel which was easy to find.. Located in town, there was a shopping mall about 5 minutes’ drive from there.. so grocery shopping was not a problem.. we even had salmon for dinner yummm.. as usual, got a two bedroom unit.. quite comfy just mcm kekurang selimut je sbb the one that they gave for the pull-out sofa mcm ade habuk sket huhuhu

Weird shower place and this was the first bathroom to NOT have a lock (and more to come).. pelik gler k.. the toilet inside was separated which wasn’t very convenient for us but tolerable la.. the kitchen was very spacious so it was very comfortable cooking with 3 people there.. there’s a back door at the kitchen area that opens out to the back where they had a sort of picnic table.. it was too cold outside to eat but I guess it’ll be nice to have breakfast there when the weather is warmer.. the living hall pon spacious so syok sket lepak2 tgk tv.. and the one thing I like about this place (not sure other places had it or I was just not aware of), it had a 24hours laundry room right across our unit.. so that night, while waiting for dinner, izad and I did the laundry and had fun waiting for it to be done hehehe

I’ll rate the place 8/10 cuz I really like the place and it was one of the cheapest we had.. other than the lock for the bathroom, everything else was fine.. we even had muffins as a welcome token..