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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Best Western Wellington

Beds: 3 queens (2 separate units)

Price: $290 per night (6 adults)

This was another screw up, but I’d consider it a minor screw up cuz we still had a room for the night huhuhu we made reservation for a 2 bedroom unit (just like everywhere else on our trip), but once we reached there, they said the room was not available but they have 2 separate unit on the same floor.. malas nk argue and we were tired so layan kan je.. izad n fiq took one unit with a queen size bed while we took the other unit.. one queen bed in a room and the other in the ‘living’ hall.. and since the photog is izad, there was only a pic for one of the room, which is hers.. so just imagine another unit, with a bedroom for the other version ok hehehe

The other unit had a kitchen area to cook.. can't remember if this one had too.. photog fail sket.. pic bathroom xde hehehe Since we had separate units, we sorta have 2 bathroom so it’s easier to get ready, xyah ‘queue’ panjang hehehe the bathroom was quite spacious as well tp xleh lawan matamata la.. kitchen area was ok, just that it wasn’t near the window so ventilation kureng sket..

the hotel wasn’t really easy to find since you have to be aware of this small junction that leads to the hotel but once you found it then you’re all set.. I missed that junction after the roundabout so we had to do a u-turn.. it’s in the middle of the town however, so the supermarket was nearby.. we didn’t go except for izad n fiq who went for a stroll in the town that night but only for a while since most of the shop closes rather early.. the countdown supermarket was less than 5 minutes’ drive from the hotel.. overall was quite a comfortable place to stay in, so I’ll rate it 7/10..