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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Archway Motel

Beds: 1 queen. 4 single

Price: $225 per night (6 adults)

This motel had a cabin like touch to it.. it had woods for the walls and was very cosy.. it was super cold there at the time so we didn’t manage to hang out outside, which could be nice cuz they had a huge table there where we could probably have breakfast.. they had a barbeque grill as well but we didn’t use it for obvious reason.. instead we made our usual dinner in the medium size kitchen.. I think because the dining table was situated at the side inside the kitchen, it made the area seems a little bit small.. but it had 6 seats at the table so there’s a 100 points for that..

It had one of the most comfortable living room where we managed to chill and watched TV.. can’t remember what movie it was but I think Malfoy was in it hehehe we also re-planned our schedule for the next day since we wanted to take pics at Lake Wanaka and also bought tickets for the zip ride.. the motel had 2 and ‘a half’ bedroom I’d say.. there was one with the queen bed, and another with 2 single beds.. then actually next to the living room, there are 2 single beds where you can draw up the curtains to make it into another ‘room’.. otherwise the curtains can be left open to make it look more spacious.. I really like the outlay, so it’ll seem like izad and fiq have their own room and not just sleep on the pull-out couch..

I’m not sure how big Wanaka actually is, but it’s not that small of a town.. the motel was very easy to find and it’s about 5 minutes’ drive to the supermarket.. we didn’t manage to stroll around town, the shops weren’t open when we went to the lake the next day cuz it was too early.. it does seems like a nice town though.. overall, I’d give the place 9/10.. although it may not be as pretty as matamata, but I like the bedding it has.. down point is that there’s no lock on the door haiihhh… some pics of the exterior..