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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Terrace Motel Franz Josef

Beds: 1 queen, 2 single, 1 pull-out sofa
Price: $204 per night (6 adults)

If anyone was to ask for suggestions on places to go to in New Zealand (and as I advised Anisha) I would tell them to skip the West Coast.. the drive is too long and there’s not much things to do there (unless you want to go see the glacier and so on, then perhaps that’s where you would want to go).. so for Franz Josef, we just arrived at the motel and got some rest.. the motel is very easy to find, it’s a small town anyway.. there was only a mini market there, so not much choice for us.. might be better to make sure there’s some grocery stock before we get there..

As usual, we took a 2-bedroom unit.. it has a queen bed in one bedroom, 2 single beds in the other and a pull-out couch.. wasn’t that big but because the deco was also minimal and the sofa and dining table was strategically placed, it was just nice for us.. we could watch tv from the dining table so the one sofa they had there was enough.. the kitchen was also comfortable to cook in, wasn’t that big but wasn’t cramped up too.. I like how after a few nights there, we knew the routine of unloading and ‘parking’ our luggage.. the ones with room will bring their luggage to the room, otherwise just next to the couch or wherever it can fit into and the bag for food plus plates and cups and all will be placed near the kitchen..


photog, cmner ade shoulder photobomb tu?

I was having a bad flu that night so I spent most of the time in bed which was heated.. one thing I enjoyed during my stay there.. no air-condition needed, most motels only had heater.. and inside the bedroom, they only had heaters for the beds.. but even so, sometimes it gets too hot for comfort so it needs to be adjusted every now and then.. I’ll give the place 7/10, mainly cuz it had everything we needed but there wasn’t anything extra special about it as well.. it’s good that we get to park the car right outside the unit, a break from the winding road we had to go through the nights before hehehe