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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Head South Eleven Lakeview

Beds: 2 queens, 2 single
Price: $650 for 2 nights (6 adults)

We had high expectation for this one cuz the pictures in the website cantek sgt2 mmg excited nk tgk in real life.. with a GPS it’s quite easy to find, but without it, I don’t really think so.. as I mentioned previously, the down point for this place is the winding road leading up to it (I really wish we took a picture of it).. I guess for a 5-seater car, there might not be a problem, but the Hyundai Imax we drove was big and it was nerve wrecking.. we got the wrong motel at first too and had to make a u-turn.. from the outside, the place looks nice, I got a little confuse cuz there was two entrance which leads to different floor.. the front door leads to the 1st floor, open the door and there’s a staircase in front of you.. but if you go through the garage, it opens up to the ground floor..

x terkejut ke bukak pintu je terus tangga cmni.. naik turn right and there's 2 bedroom on that floor..

the door behind yaya is the one that open to the stairs.. the second door is through the garage.. see how our car "fit" in the garage..

We spent 2 nights here so I made sure we were able to do our laundry while staying here.. good thing we had our own washing machine and dryer, but it took so long to be done with.. these were located in the garage along with some other stuff (can’t really recall what) so we weren’t able to park our car in the garage huhuhu and since there was two unit up there and ours was considered the 1st one, we had to make sure that when we park outside, the car from the other unit can pass through.. it didn’t help that they drove an Estima (or something that looks like that) so we really had to make sure they have enough space..

3-bedroom unit and the only motel we stayed that had 2 bathrooms (weehooo) but sadly no lock (boohoo).. the ground floor had the bedroom with 2 single beds and a bathroom.. yaya and I took this floor.. then walk up the stairs and you’ll see another 2 bedrooms and another bathroom.. both rooms had a queen bed and shared a balcony.. then walk up another floor and you’ll have the living room, dining room and the kitchen.. this floor is more ‘breathable’ cuz it opens up a little bit as oppose to the other two lower floors.. this part of the motel is pretty.. perhaps not exactly like the pictures in the website (and I was a little bit let down by that) but it was pretty.. it has a quite spacious kitchen (sadly we didn’t manage to cook much).. it has 6-seater dining table (sadly didn’t manage to eat all 6 of us together).. and it has this nice living area to chillax and watch tv..

This floor also opens up to a balcony overseeing this magnificent view of the lake (hence the name of the unit, Eleven Lakeview).. because it was so dark at night outside, we manage to have a mini stargazing session in the freezing cold on the balcony.. at the backside was also a hang out area where they had chairs on the ‘deck’ (not sure if it’s called a deck), but it was facing a bunch of scary trees so we only stepped outside there utk cukup syarat je..

It was the most expensive motel out of all the places we stayed and it showed.. I like how anti-social the service there is, all instructions and information was inside a file so we just had to read through a bit to know how to function things or the wifi password and so on.. overall, I'd give the place a 9/10 although my biggest problem was the car thingy.. I wish we had more time to spend inside the motel for a proper dinner and so on.. both days were tiring and we didn't even cook a proper meal for dinner.. makan maggi and cereal and time tu rasa nyesal xbawak maggi banyak2 sbb sedapnye maggi time tu hahaha