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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Arista Motel

Beds: 1 King, 1 Queen, 2 Singles
Price: $300 per night (6 adults)

Next up, is the Arista motel.. this was a last minute booking seeing that it was the Easter weekend.. plenty of motels around the area and there was a screw up for one of my reservation earlier.. thankfully the place had one available unit left which could fit 6 people.. see the sign above? by the time we got there, no vacancy.. so we were lucky..

the outside area, while we were checking in..

It was a two floor unit where the beds were all upstairs.. it had one King, one queen and two single beds, so just enough for us all.. not really a fan of stairs cuz sian mama kne naik turun tangga but luckily the stairs weren’t that high (unlike the one kt Queenstown huhuhuh)..

couldn't see the rest of the beds, but basically, you walked up the stairs and all the beds are laid out here..

Bathroom was downstairs and had a heater inside too.. they had a small hot tub at the back which we didn’t use but I’d think it’ll be fun if there’s kids around.. didn’t check out the back much cuz it was cold…

The kitchen area wasn’t that big but enough space for us to cook.. the dining table was a 4-seater only so couldn’t cater all 6 of us at one go.. the living area was just nice.. boleh lepak tgk tv even with all our bags lying around..
 the small living area where i spent the night makan biskut cicah teh yummm the right side is the small kitchen..

The motel is about 5 minutes’ drive to the supermarket and quite easy to find with the help of a GPS hehehe overall it was quite ok, for a last minute booking.. I’d rate the place 6/10..

packing up to leave..