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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Plateau Lodge

Beds: 1 queen, 2 singles, 2 pull-out sofa

Price: $280 per night (6 adults)

packing.. let's go in..

It was super cold here in Ruapehu and after the long drive and disappointment of not ‘finding’ the Tongariro National Park, we were glad to be some place warm.. the town itself is very secluded and we weren’t sure we were going the right way.. but once you reached the town, it was quite easy to find the lodge.. can’t remember if there was any supermarket nearby cuz we didn’t do any shopping (or none that I remember of, anyway) the rooms were quite small, but comfortable enough.. mama n papa took the queen size bedroom while izad n fiq took the other room with the single beds.. it was yaya n my turn to sleep on the sofa bed..

the sofabed that yaya and i slept on.. nape pic blur izad?? hehehe 

One bathroom with a shower.. The kitchen area was quite small so good thing xdela beria sgt masak.. 4-seater dining table as well but luckily the living hall was comfortable enough to eat there.. Watched tv a bit sambil minum teh cicah biskut again.. sedapnyeee minum panas2 time sejuk2 hehehe I rate the place 7/10