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Friday, July 01, 2011


It's Friday, Friday,
Gotta get down on Friday,
Everybody's looking forward to the weekend, weekend.

Funny how this songs seems to be the anthem for friday.. although the rest or the lyrics are kinda ridiculous, but sumhow the chorus really show how excited we feel on Friday hehehe

went back early yesterday... good call for us cuz otherwise, we would be staying back till 11 for nothing since that's when they were about to start the reval.. so our mls batch was scheduled at 4am n there's no way for us to be staying back that late only to find our figures wrong, right.. so tonight will be the same drill... as soon as i got back last night, i immidiately went to sleep... my big sis asked if i wanted to join her for dinner with her frens but i was too sleepy to say yes.. woke up about 8:30 i think n texted her to buy me some sushi so she bought california roll for me.. thanx a lot... then while sorta waiting for updates, i watched the shaytards and managed to catch leverage!! wee hoo my new fave series is back on!!  havn't checked when glee, gossip girl n psych will be back on... but if they've started, then perhaps i'll catch up with them during the weekend...

dun have much in mind... i just wanna relax n unwind.. might pick up a book and read but we'll see... read a very disturbing book recently which i finished during my 5 days off.. wanna read something lighter this time.. still havn't got my new Stephanie Plum yet so if i have the time, might go book hunting for that... i guess i'll just sign off here... and again, have a good weekend y'all...