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Monday, July 25, 2011

Back To Work Again

After a long needed break, i've come to work today lazily but enthusiastic to start on with my new job scope.. ppl kept saying how my new boss have 'no work' so lets see what kind of 'no work' am i getting  =b

lots of drafts to finish off.. i dun really like drafts.. they tend to remind me how i dun usually finish what i've started.. sometimes i give up and delete the post completely... anyway, just got back from bandung, will have a post for that up soon hopefully...

owh i chopped my hair off.. like super short.. the shortest i've ever had in more than 10 years i think.. it's was only about time till i do it... i think i've kept it for 2 years now.. at first i thought of doing it after raya, but then my big sis said lets go so i was like yeah, why wait anyway... and so it was done.. chopped it all off.. will it be freaky to post a pic of my chopped hair? hahahaha

so fasting month is approaching soon.. it's the time when i could truly noe how evil i am  =b  maybe i should take this opportunity to really loose the weight n fats that i've been harbouring this 2 years  =b

i guess that's it.. shud be finishing up all my drafts fist before i start blabbering away

p/s: another tragic incident in Norway... sad thing indeed   =(