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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Got Milk?

i'm sure all of u are familiar with this ad... the one where u have a milk mustache like these google pix below...

one of the most creative ad since u don't really need any wording and it's known worldwide... it's universal.. u see a pic of a person with a milk mustache and BANG!! u know straight away that it's a Got Milk? ad... talk about effective advertising heheheh (owh how i miss learning bout marketing so much.. should take some time to think about switching careers there  =b )

anyway, during lunch today, we saw an Anlene booth giving out free samples and selling Anlene milk.. i'm no big fan of milk.. in fact i only take milk with cereals which explain what i'm about to tell u... they also had this test/scan to see how strong our bones are...

so since we had time, we decided to have check... what they did was just scanning our foot below the ankle area.. n my result?

yikes my bones are in bad condition...i'm at -2.. maybe not superbad since it's in the amber zone, but it's bad enough for someone my age right? i mean i'm only 25 years old (in October that is... buy me presents!!)  so the person advice me to drink more milk, less caffein, exercise more (this again?).. so i'm thinking of giving this a try... after a month hopefully things will change for the better..

but i dun drink milk.. i mean it's not bad, but dun want this to be one of those wishfull thinking stuff where i plan to do something but don' follow thru.. so since it's almost the fasting month, i wanna try something along the line... i'm thinking of eating cereal everyday so there's my milk intake, and also eat yoghurt before i go to bed... n i could try to make youghurt one of my must snack at least a weekly things after the fasting month..  i'm not sure if it's the same thing cuz it's not concentrated but baby steps right?