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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Market Risk Annual Dinner

so last friday, our dept had their usual annual dinner, n the theme for the night was Hawaii.. wasn't sure who came out with that but oklar, manage to find a dress the night before (very last minute) and it was orange (plus pink n yellow)!! n i rarely wear orange what more bright colours... the dinner was held at Royale Bintang Hotel somewhere in pudu so it was near our office... we got ready and went there after Maghrib... got a bit lost after we made it to the hotel cuz we kinda forgot that it was was a pool party... went to the right place n the first thing we saw?? it was Rimba Spa!!!  been wanting to go for a massage for so long... not sos ure when we'll be able to.. maybe if i have some money leftovers for next week's trip, i just might go..

so we went to register our names n collected our goody bags which was a shirt for us.. they've already started so by the time we came, the newbies were doing their 1st performance.. the sang and did a lil dancing as well... ady lawak kn hani hahahaha  =b  went straight to the bbq section after that... i had shrimps, chicken and sausages... the food wasn't good.. i was hungry when i went home later that night and ate about quarter of my mum's nasi lemak... i ate a lot os bread butter puding tho which tasted like it had corn in it, but they say it was oatmeal... might try to make some one day...

there were games which i wasn't really into, (since we were sitting far back n we can't really hear them).. then the newbies did another performance of macarena where they pulled others to come join them... overall, it was a so-so dinner la... only had fun chilling with the others n also baby qaseh  =D  curi some pics from hani hehehe

they had some fire dance performance... scaarryy....

my failed pout-attempt   =b

hishh ade bdk sebok plak =b

with baby Qaseh, she's soo cute, my lil sis is jealous hahaha

 uugghhh bad posture, need to learn how to pose the right way  hahahaha

with jacky right before she took off

didn't managed to get a pic with Dr John since he left earlier than the rest of us and Jacob wasn't there too...

will try to get more pics from others...