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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Look What My Lil Sis Got For Me

this superb Kate Hill handbag  =D

i'm so in love with this handbag right now, not just cuz it's purple, but also the strap is adjustable.. i've also have never owned a bag like this so it's kinda like a change of 'style' for me.. even last night i was sitting in my room n i said to my big sis about how i've abandoned my Miss Whatever skull handbag which was my previous fave bag cuz it was convenient... but i won't be ignoring it forever tho, it's just one of those seasons..

my lil sis also bought another two Kate Hill bags for my big sis n our mom.. dun have a pic of my mum's bag yet, but here's the one she bought for my big sis..

i love the colour of this bag.. nice design to it too... for my mum, she bought something a lil more mature to fit mym mum better... it has 3 compartments, just how my mum likes it...  we're so loving our new bags..

Thanx lil sis  =D