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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Slow Down, Don't Be Too Quick To Judge

i guess by now, the most talk-about news is Norway's massacre... it's just shocking that a single person could shoot that many people.. anyway, i've been reading the papers and true enough, the first thought that came to most ppl's mind when the attack happened was that it might be some islam extremist and so on... u see how quick ppl get these conclusions.. whenever there's a terrorist attack or anything, they tend to link it to these muslim extremist... dun get me wrong, i dun quite agree with all the suicide bombings that they've orchestra.. but pls dun just assume all muslim do is attack ppl or bombing ppl away...

cuz it turns out that the attack was by a native Norweign (not judging just stating the fact)... so really, there a re other crazy extremist in the worl who does crazy thing.. lets see what kinda punishment will Andres Behring Breivik get... although they dun have the capital punishment there, i hope whutever punishment he gets is at par with the 60++ (previously was 90) lives that he took...

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