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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The World We Live In

sometimes it's hard to fathom.. i read this just now... a girl was kidnapped and killed back in 1957.. she was just 7 years old at that time.. the killer was never found, until 54 years later...  it makes u wonder whether justice was served or not.. off course the vicim's family wants the killer to pay the price of the crime done..  but after living for 54 years, to bring back all the pain inflicted on, to remember the lil girls u once knew and will still love, will it be worth it? and i'm asking not to mean that the family wouldn't matter whether the killer gets hanged or what not.. but will they feel that finally, he gets what he deserved.. will they feel that for once, they get the closure they needed.. cuz frankly, the killer is now 71 years old... to know that he lived his life (whether happily or miserably) for 54 years, n yet the lil girl didn't, is absolutely unacceptable...

i mean, even if the man gets hanged, he's been living while there are others who suffer... so after living a full life, maybe jail or the death penalty doesn't seem to fit.. i don't know, it's just how i feel...

what do u think?