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Monday, July 25, 2011

Bandung Trip - Part 3

too lazy to continue writing hehehe last part of our trip.. here goes..

Day 3 - Friday

we weren't going anywhere far this day so we met up a lil later than the previous day.. actually just half an hour later =b  went down for breakfast at 7:30am, they only had fried rice this day *boohoo*.. Pak Mat came around 8:30 so off we go.. 1st stop? Pasar Baru again huhuhu Hana wanted to check out some wedding cards n he recommended there.. so while she did that, my sister n i went to buy more fabrics.. we end up with 6!! that was less than half an hour i think.. then we went for more shopping... basically he just took us to different places so specific stuff.. not much pic for this day cuz we were already tired (or at least i was).. n i was in bad condition with my never-ending running nose and watery eyes.. such a bad thing to happen on a vacation *sigh*

anyway, he took us to this place where the sold jeans.. i was a big fan of jeans.. i remember owning about 7 or more back in high skool (and now the number reduces cuz i can't freaking fit into them!!).. so i saw this one jeans that i quite like n fit... turns out it was levis and cost rm200++ so not really cheap n about the same price with what we have in Malaysia.. so end up, didn't buy it.. next stop was some place that specializes in leather... not a fan of leather so wasn't into it.. we saw a shirt (batik la actually) that we thought our dad would like, but there was no smaller size *bummer*.. my sis bought 2 bags there, one she gave to our aunt.. had lunch then we proceeded to someplace call Riau where they had shops selling clothes.. it says factory outlets, so i was disappointed when they weren't factories at all.. i mean i thought it was like a warehouse sale or something.. bought 2 tops at different places, and also a handbag that i havn't used yet... tired... we went to our hotel again later that evening to freshen up before we head out for dinner...

 we left earlier.. since it was our last day there, we were disappointed not to buy any good souvenirs.. long story short, he took us to buy magnets n key chain at the guy selling on the streets, the one we've been declining throughout our time there cuz we wanted better choice.. i guess nothing really goes our way.. he later took us to Trans Studio which is an indoor themepark.. we didn't go inside, instead we just took pix outside.. we were there only for a bout half an hour i think, give or take.. then we went to The Palms for dinner.. is it bad to say that this place was the highlight of the whole trip for me? i mean it's a nice place to dine in.. they had an outside area where diners could eat near the ponds.. spent some time there before heading back to the hotel..

Day 4 - Saturday

Last day here.. looking forward to go home and get out of that place.. our flight was at 6am so we woke up and shoot to the airport at about 4am.. shortest day there so nothing actually happened.. we just went to the airport, thanked Pak Mat for his help n tipped him n waited for our flight... 

Once we reached here at LCCT however, we missed our bus to OU.. we touched down around 9:15 am n the bus was scheduled to leave an hour after that.. we managed to get there before 10am but i guess we overlooked it.. but we didn't noe it at the time.. we just thought the bus was late.. the next bus was at 12 so we had brunch first...

reached home and was exhausted.. overall the trip was ok.. will rate it 3.5/10 cuz it was really below my expectation.. i really don't know what all the fuss is about with that place so yeah, i won't be going there again insya'Allah... well, that's it.. we're saving up money for our next whole family vacation next year  =D