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Thursday, July 28, 2011

What If This Happened To You?

sometimes, those are the only times that could test ur limits.. those are the memonts when u will trully noe how strong u r, how tough u r.. Shaycarl mentioned once, something between the line of, i wish something bad will happen to me just so i can see how i could get through it all... and i've thought of that before..not that we wish something aweful will happen to us.. but imagine urself in, lets say, a robbery... will u be one of those ppl who has the courage to try to stop the robbers? or will u stay quite n pray for things to end? what if they start hurting ppl, what will u do? n the list goes on.. but really, i might not want to noe my true strength that badly, cuz i rather not go through that all..

with the Oslo shootings, u just can't help thinking how those ppl went through that difficult time.. i read this and it's just terrifying... thinking that u might get shot anytime soon.. not knowing whether or not u'll ever see ur family again.. it's quite creepy.. luckily the girl managed to escape n hide behind rocks.. what's going through my head now is i might just lie down on the floor, faking to be dead or something (n maybe get some blood to make it real).. for the time being, i can't picture myself as a hero type.. the type that help others out n all.. i will try to call 911 or the police or some1 to let them noe what happen n all... n maybe when i noe the coast is clear, try to help anyone injured the best i can.. but maybe that's all.. n lets not start imagining being one of those that's been shot.. i don't noe if i'll just collapse and cry in pain n just give up on life, or try to get a hold of things n just stay strong knowing that sooner or later, help will come (or does that only happen in the movies?)

whatever it is, i pray that not just myself, but everyone i know and love will not have to go through that.. n it doesn't just stop there, no one in this whole world should have to go through that.. yes, answering World Peace in beauty peagent is so cliche' but it's still what we need on this earth.. ppl getting along and trying to understand one another.. this is wishful-thinking, but can't we all live our life withouht killing one another... seeing beyond our differences is difficult but not impossible.. this won't be the last tragedy of this knid to happend.. and as any other tragedy that strikes, the mourning and coping process after will bring us together.. bonds will get tighter although scars may grow deeper.. and when the culprit is caught n punished, still, no one wins..