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Monday, July 25, 2011

Bandung Trip - Part 1

went to Bandung for a short trip.. had an evening flight on Wednesday and took a morning flight on Saturday home... so overall, we spent 2 full days there.. conclusion? i'll leave that till the end of this post aight..

Day 1 - Wednesday

so woke up that day n got ready.. did some last minute packing like toothbrush, charger etc.. we only had one big lugage for the 3 of us, and had another 3 empty bags inside (which was neccessary).. our flight was at 3:30pm but we decided to take the bus from OU to LCCT since yaya's freinds were going too... the bus was scheduled to leave at 11:30am so we got ready early n went to OU around 10:50am to buy tickets and also look for an adaptor to charge any batteries.. the bus left on time n the driver drove quite decently.. i didn't feel like he was speeding or anything but we reached there after an hour drive.. checked-in our lugage n had lunch at McDs.. when all was done, we made it to our gate and board the plane... it was a 2 hour flight.. didn't do much but just slept throughout the flight...

we were about to land which was not in an isolated place like KLIA or LCCT... in fact, it was near some houses/smal buildings.. n the moment we touched down, i was saying to my sisters "where's the airport?" cuz i seriously didn't see any possible building that could be assumed as the airport.. what we saw instead was an abandoned Adam Air plane which i'm pretty sure had holes at the tail... anyway, we disembarked the plane, n yeah there was a small airport there.. kinda like the old airport in Membedai, Labuan... went through Immigation, took our bags, and saw a guy holding my sisters name.. unfortunately, we forgot to take a pic of that... our driver (Pak Mat), suggested that we go for shopping n dinner straight away instead of checking into our hotel cuz that could waste some time so we were up for it...

i guess my first impression was "omg, this is kinda dodgy" n what shud i expect, it's a third-world country.. but then again, for a place where i was told to be a 'shopping heaven' for tourist (or maybe just Malaysians) i thought it would be better than that.. what i could observe odw to our 1st destination, the houses were very nice.. they were big, almost bungalows like, but they were connected like terrace.. Pak Mat mentioned that those were "rumah orang beruang".. n 1st i was looking eagerly at the house, expecting to see a bear statue or sumthing.. only later i knew (from my sister) that he actually meant "rumah orang ber-uang" as in ppl with money hahahaha anyway, 1st stop was Rumah Mode..

lighting wasn't that good thus the quality 

 the place looks nice, but the prices for the clothes weren't that much different from here... n we weren't really familiar with the currency so we were a bit slow with converting etc.. managed to buy one top which i like the design.. after a while there, we headed for dinner.. we had Nasi Padang, which i guess would be a must for ppl visiting there.. done with dinner, we went to our hotel to check in... another low point of the trip.. we stayed at Hotel Cihampelas II and it was a dodgy hotel as well.. the room itself wasn't so bad, but the restroom... i would prefer something better.. sorry no pics of the room, but it's about the same with what is in the website... we had a king sized bed so we didn't used the extra mattress that they gave us.. especially it was super cold that night so we had a nice snuggle hahaha... yup, settled in and done with day 1...