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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google +

the new Facebook?

perhaps... just created a Google+ account so will need some time to explore the features there...  so far, i tried posting comments and post, and every time i do, my browser sorta hangs for a few seconds.. i dun think it's my laptop's problem, cuz it works fine on FB.. 

but what i like most about it so far is the Circle feature here... u could group ppl accordingly, whether they're ur frens or family members, or even a new group u created (separating high skool  frens with colleagues)... so whenever u post something, u could choose who could view it's not just made public... FB have something similar to that where u could choose whether everyone could read ur post, or just frens, or maybe till ur frens of frens level...there's also a customize function but it's a bit tedious if u wanna switch it up between post (not that i post too often).. i'm not sure if there is another way on FB for that, but in Google+, i could give a naughty shout out, n not have to worry bout my mum reading it muahahahah kidding2...

havn't finished exploring cuz i myself dun really noe how to use some features there, but still learning... might write some more soon  =D