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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Wanna Get Away

and i dun think a full week will cut it.. i had a 5 days off before but it wasn't that satisfying.. what i need is a good relaxing day, where i could really unwind and destress myself (that is a word right?) i woke up this morning, a bit numb and blank in my head.. i wasn't really sure what i was supposed to do so my mind took about 5 minutes just to figure out that i need to pack (cuz initially i had to stay back again this night) and then when i did pack halfway, my mind suddenly realised that it's not the weekend so i need to bring working clothes..

bottom line, i dun really have the mood to work at the moment.. not that i could do anything, what with all the timeline being off n our system is run in the morning on the next day instead of during end of day.. so yeah things for us are a lil screw up at the moment.. it's just frustrating to know that u can't do anything about it cuz there are other things that is more important to the bank that needs to be settled first... whatever it is, i'm just looking forward to the weekend, weekend.. partying, partying yeay =b  gonna ajak my sis go bowling la after this, since my big sis have dinner plans.. i wanna go and have a good meal with my whole family but i'm sure mama will be busy with her class as always.. maybe next time when we could plan ahead and she can confirm that she's free...

been such a tiring week.. still can't believe i went home at 3am last monday.. weehoo terer siot hahahaha cpt2 claim then blh shopping kt bandung  =b

have a nice weekend y'all.. i hope i have one too... 


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