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Thursday, June 09, 2011

I Miss This

a lot... i miss this a lot.. two days to go till the weekend n i can't wait to chillax at home.. then hopefully i could take 2 days off next week (blh x hani?) n maybe find time to hang out with my sisters before izad fly to aussie on friday..

we need our Coffe Bean session prompto

also, i would like to hang out with the kazens too... missed our Marvellous session cuz i was working (although they decided to go to Satay Station instead later).. Irdina n Zara will have their bday party this saturday so hopefully we can all meet up.. but would most definitely prefer a movie session or bowling instead  =b

i guess we'll just have to wait... as soon as we're done here, i'm gonna take my family out for a big feast.. i miss eating with them a just hanging out.. then a few weeks later, i'll be heading off to Bandung.. woot!! woot!! lets hope everything goes well, although the VaR team are facing some problem with the system that doesn't look so good for this critical moment  *sigh*

anyway, big shout out to shikin for being engage!! congratz n hopefully u'll live a blissfull n happy life with Adi.. i hope i'm invited to the wedding  =b


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