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Monday, June 13, 2011

And So.....

.....after 19 straight days of working, how did i decide to spend my two days off?

well, for starters, there were lots of sleeping and lots of Leverage... yup, managed to do a Leverage Marathon n finished watching season 2... i'm so in love with that series now!! all their tricks never gets old.. i especially love Parker's character.. didn't know that she was engaged to Jason Lee and had the famous Pilot Inspector (i'll always remember that name.. yup, they named their son that.. weird huh) i love how naive n socially awkward she is.. kinda reminds me of myself, only not to that extent la... i like how their cons starts to unfold.. very addictive indeed (tv series usually are).. i already watched most of season 3 on AXN so now, just waiting for the premier of season 4 soon, June 26th.. can't wait..

anyway, attended Zara & Irdina bday party in Putrajaya... ate a lot.. funny incident with Izad muahahaha pretty much just dat... and more Leverage =b  then went to visit Nik on Sunday.. i hope u get well soon.. hopefully just in time to go to Aussie k.. otherwise, next trip next year sy nk ikaot hehehe  =b n then more Leverage  hehehehe had Pizza for dinner which was yummy.. had burgers for lunch which was also yummy...  Avatar was on TV but big sis & i decided to watch Paul instead.. funny movie la.. i'll give it 7/10... original jokes here n there..

so, will be taking wednesday till friday off this week... woot!! woot!! hopefully could catch pirates then.. still can't believe i've only been to the cinema twice this year.. then planning to watch The Other Woman, Little Red Riding Hood, Adjustment Bureau, Country Song and so on... yup, since i've finished watching Leverage, i'm gonna do a movie marathon  =D  will do a bit review after, if i feel like it... and also, i hope we get the time to do a bit of karok before my lil sis fly to aussie... if not, then maybe a bit of bowling.. can x?

hmmm whut else is there? nuthing much i guess.. will write soon tho.. cheers!!


Nik Nazarina said...

hehe. thanks, inaz. sy dah balek rmh. but dun think i can make it this Friday. still on 5 eyedrops.. penat letak ubat je.. hehe..