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Monday, June 06, 2011

So... How'd it go?

well it depends.. do u want my scope or the whole picture? overall it was better then our previous practise, but on a smaller scope, ours didn't go as well as we expected it to be.. we've got our theories but we'll do a little digging around before confirming anything.. bottom line, green light for this coming 25th & 26th.. i just hope that the flow of it all will be as smooth (or almost smooth) as what we experienced this past weekend.. of course minusing the market data issue we had, which was more on some technical stuff... good experience (although tiring), good teamwork (although unwanted maggots were still there sumhow)

so another week of EODs, that i'm not looking forward to cuz the migration part wasn't really tip top to compare with last week... i prefer last week's results.. nevertheless, will make the most out of it.. need some explanation from the consultant in regards to a thing or two.. other than that, this week might not be heavy... then will have a nice weekend off (finally) which i most probably will spend on slacking n doing some more Leverage marathon.. then another day of work where i might take a day off to clear out my unrecorded leave.. my lil sis will be leaving for aussie some time then... and then another peaceful weekend hopefully.. another week of work where things might started to pick up a bit in terms of preparation..

n finally, that big day will come.. we've been there before, getting all pumped out,then seeing our efforts fruitless.. but not this time.. this time we're all well prepared.. n being the fighters we are, we're gonna make sure that things go according to plan.. all working as one *cue inspirational speech*  =b n maybe, just maybe, we will get there..  we'll be rejoicing  yeayyy

tired n sleepy.. had a good run of Leverage marathon when i got back yesterday.. had dinner, watch a lil bit of tennis, read a few pages of my current book, then went to sleep.. if i'm fatigued after those long hours, i can't really imagine how mei hui or chui yee does it with the extra hours they spent  =s 

off to read more on the progress of baby caylee's case.. till next time...

p/s: still can't believe i havn't watched Pirates of the Carribean yet  =(