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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who Needs Exercise When You Have Chores

Just finished cleaning my fan which was long overdue.. Then did some vacuuming a bit.. Nothing much to write.. been chilling at home most of the time... as mentioned previously, took 3 days off, so plus the weekend, i had a good 5 days of not working... can't really recall what i did on Wednesday, perhaps more simming.. then slept over at Selayang to send Opah to the clinic on Thursday morning.. had a nice nasi lemak for breakfast that day.. then stayed with her for a bit n did some reading.. just finished it this morning, matter of fact.. next day, went to Mid Valley to buy some stuff.. sent my sister off for an interview, then later sent my other sister off to the airport as she's leaving for Aussie.. which reminds me, u owe me 115.65 tau  =b  
for the weekend, did nothing much either... more simming then went for dinner with my mum n big sis.. at first we thought of staying over somewhere for the night since my dad went to Cameron Highland for golf n my lil sis ain't around... but then she had classes which she didn't go.. so end up wasting the day... today is kinda wasted as well besides the chores we did this morning... now a bit of Sorority Life n later more sims  =b  saw a few pics of my sis in Aussie.. although i can't view them from my page, i could open hers heheheh n now i noe why she bought that raincoat jacket of hers.. so she could lend her jacket to her fren.. 100 bucks wasted.. i noe that if her fren couldn't join her, she can't really go since Nik can't go... but to that extent is kinda absurd.. well, maybe she just wants to buy a new jacket hahaha yeah one that she won't be using that often right? but then how wonderful life would be if u could just go ahead n buy stuff that u want.. heck i want a lot of things but i dun go spending my money on things that i noe i won't be using that much... ok maybe sometimes i do.. but only when i do have money.. n not when my account is almost empty  =b

n another thing to ponder on.. how could u go on a vacation that u can't afford.. i've watched enough of Oprah shows to hear the advices some guests get, especially when it's about their wedding.. but a vacation u can't afford?  well lets just thank God for frens.. frens who are willing to borrow money from ppl just so they could help to support u who have none.. 
but then again, i dun have frens so what do i noe about them right?