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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rebecca Black

Cuz there's no such thing as Bad Publicity...

this is kinda old, but i watched Katy Perry's new video last night and had this thought.. So everyone must've know who the hell is Rebecca Black by now..  and while she is known as the singer for "the worst song ever", there are some things that we should ponder on.. for starters, her parents paid $4000 to a company to write that song n make a video for it... i noe, that's a hell of a job they got they... i wonder how long it took for them to think of all those profound lyrics.. and while some may think that it was a ridiculous move for them, lets see where that got her now..

The Negatives - of course all those slandering and hatred towards her could cause 'pain' and 'hurt her feelings'...  n not to mention about the death threats she got.. not sure if those could be taken seriously tho... but what did she expect.. u mix a horrible song (mostly for its lyrics) and a monotone singer, n that's what u get... i mean even Kim Kardashian got negative reviews of her 1st song Jam.. but then that was predictable.. (on another note, paris Hilton had a better strategy than that)

The Positives - well like i said, i watched Katy Perry's latest vid n Rebecca was in it (it helps that the song has the word Firday in it).. so that's an up right? and also, u know u're cool when Glee makes a cover of u song (n they did a good job at it actually).. she was also feature on Leno and was trending on twitter... so overall, if that initial $4000 was to make her famous, then she definitely got what she was paying for.. i mean c'mon, millions of view on youtube n most celebrity knowing her, that has gotta be cool right.. even if it was for all the wrong reasons..

so yeah.. it seems that the 'investment' paid off...