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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We Are The Champions!!!

woot!! woot!!! finally... after months of hardwork and weeks of enduring some or one particular idiots, this is the result

yup, we have finally gone live and moving on to K+ 3.2  =D  it's been such a hectic few months staying back late and working over the weekend.. but it all paid off in the end... check out here for a chronology of what happened during last weekend..

so overall we only did 4 migration... the 1st attempt was during the labour weekend (labour day off course la keje kn, xkn nk cuti kot hehehehe) which was the most stressfull and chaotic migration ever... 1st time ma, of course everyone was a bit lost here n there... and then we did our first mock migration soon after, followed by a 2nd mock.. the 1st mock was more on the flow of process, to get everyone familiar of the objective of the moment, step-by-step activities and so forth... and when that was acheived, the 2nd mock was done.. this time was more on the hour-to-hour activity, where we need to get things done within a time frame.. both these mock were less stressful, but crucial nonetheless..

and then finally came the 24th June where the 2nd attempt to cutover came... this time we were excited and nervous at the same time(or at least i was)... there was a certain tense in the air but also a warmth feeling to it... every single person there knew what needs to be done (except for this one particular woman who sits in a room doing nothing hahaha) and off course did their best to fullfill each task.. cuz lets face it, the thought of staying for another weekend is dreadfull enough.. we need our rest!! so yeah, the tense was still there but it wasn't that intense..  i like how ppl came together and we really work as a team... and as lame as it may sound, we did work as a team.. all those things we learnt during our teambuilding was sumhow relevant to what we went through at that time... and i dun think that was easy to acheive.. (que blabbering moment) even my department doesn't have that type of bond between us.. and we've been working together for years (okla, maybe not me la but others).. but to think about it closely, we weren't working together... we just work in the same place.. i think it was because we had the same objective (like what we learnt during teambuilding), and everyone respect and appreciate each others hard work and effort... even though there was 4 different departments working together, front office, middle office, back office and IT, with different tasks at hand, but we managed to at least appreciate each other (off course la sometimes argue gk) so yeah, good experience la overall...

owh, also not forgetting to give a big shout out to these two for helping us out a lot during our time over the weekend... i think they were around since the 1st mock migration... they help kept things in order... 

introducing Mr Bear and lil' bear..  =D

so now all we need to do is to make sure the systems' stability and then all will be BAU.. although handing over to BAU is another challenge... owh well, we've been through hell, so facing them ain't no sweat aight?