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Thursday, June 23, 2011

U Noe Whut I Feel Like Doing?

I feel like traveling to Switzerland or anywhere in Europe with a superb view for at least two week.... alone... although my mum did mentioned she wanted to go to the Alps...

aren't the pictures here stunning... i could imagine waking up to this view and immediately it could take my breath away... although i'm not sure it's really possible, it ain't a crime to dream about it right?

last year we were talking and we thought of going to New Zealand for a family trip... supposedly 2 years after i start working... that would be sometime around next year.. but then with all the tremors and earthquakes at Christchurch, papa said we could go to Morocco and the maybe stop by Spain or something... i noe it all seems far fetch what with the limited budget i have, but i'll still try to save up some to make this plan come true...

which brings me to this... ever since i started paying my car loan, i have a really tough time trying to save up money... i had a really nice financial plan previously, and i managed to stick to my plan consistantly (only compromising very few times) and i was happy with it... but now, even tho i have to fork out another 800 monthly, thing seems to be a lil chaotic at times.. i find myself using my savings money which i dun think is good for me.. i can accept if i dun save up in a month, but i dun like it when i dun save up and use my savings as well (even with the extra OTs i made  =b ).. but whatever it is, it's almost November (actually it's 5 months away) and that means i have 1 year down and just 2 years of sufferings left to go.. n i thought of resting for a year (resting my pocket that is) then only think about buying a house then... but then again it all depends how things go at that time..

as usual, my post seems to be all over the place.. first i'm talking bout taking a break, n now bout money?? owh well, i just hope i could get some financial advices (will need to do more googling) n off course i won't be able to travel alone in some foreign place, i can't even travel to Labuan whut else Switzerland  =b

nervous for today *sobs*  wish us luck for this weekend  =D


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

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Greetings from Italy