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Monday, September 03, 2012

Mama Is Going To London!!!

It's true.. it happened so quickly.. one minute we're talking bout aunty gee's trip to london, the next mama said she wanted to come along and surprisingly, papa said yes  =b  so here's how it happened.. last saturday, after beraya kt serendah, papa told mama that tok's coming over for dinner.. we didn't manage to cook in time so papa bought some food outside.. long story short, we were asking when aunty gee n all are taking off to london to register for Faheem.. she told her dates n mentioned that kok long is going a little later.. as usual, sure la ckp bestnyer gi london.. plus aunty gee mention plan nk 'singgah' spain or paris or maybe jumpe abg omar kt belgium.. then mama kate bestnye, nk ikot boleh? aunty gee ckp blh, join la kitorg.. then mama hint2 kne tny papa (while subtly pointing at papa).. then she asked blh pegi x? n papa said pegilah.. but i didn't make anything out of it, knowing papa... maybe depan tok je ckp blh, but when tny again die akan ckp x.. but the next day mama mentioned, she asked again cuz she was thinking maybe he said go but pay urself.. so she confirmed with papa that she can withdraw her asb money to go.. weee syoknyer...

izad dh gedik2 ckp nk ikot.. i told papa n papa said "die ade duit ke?" muahahahaha at first mama mcm xnk bg izad ikot konon xfair sbb dpt gi aussie twice.. but then she also said later, kalau blh ikot, izad ikot la adelah org teman mama hhuhuhuh then izad konon xnk kawan cuz i didn't want to go... ehh hello, who could say no to London??!!?!  there's something to it's name.. kalau ckp gi australia, it's like yeahh, but if ckp gi london, it's like double woot yeahhh  =b actually akalu ikotkn hati mmg nk gi.. i got some savings then hopefully can withdraw asb gk huhuhuh but call me poyo but i was thinking about work... timing sgt xsesuai.. mom will be going on 27th sept till 7th oct, so if i wanna go too, it'll most probably be the same date.. n looking at my timeline, i've got things to settle by then.. my wbg dh nk handover by mid sept so that should be no problem.. but then i have to takeover the mtf since hani's on maternity leave and that's just about to start after having the conference call the other day.. n by 27th, we're supposed to be getting some figures from the others centre and god knows what else we have to do  =s  kinda bummed gk bout it but what to do.. we'll have to plan one family vacation where we all can go perhaps.. maybe next year? hehehehe