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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Shaytember Is Here!!

And what are my goals exactly?  well, first off, i noe i owe a raya post (who's asking for one anyway) i haven't gotten around to get the pix, hat's why.. so maybe later? as for Shaytember, what the hell is it? i think only fans of the Shaytards will know.. agak poyo, but i'm looking at it in a fun way.. i know how i am so i won't set big goals, plus i haven't really given it much thought, so i'm gonna start small..

before i start babbling, just as an intro,Shay decided to use the month of September to set some goals to better ourselves.. he set three goals for himself, qualify for the Boston Marathon, able to do 100 consecutive push ups, and learn to play the guitar... and on top of those three goals, he has sub-goals to achieve those 3 main goals.. basically what to do everyday to be able to achieve the 3 goals..  what are my goals? i don't have any in particular, so i think this will be a trial run for me.. i know i suck at being discipline n all, but like he said, i need to have that fire within me (hahaha poyo) to keep me wanting to do it.. so after a brief thought in to it, i think i've come up with some things that are quite achievable..

1. Thursday is fruit day
they have meatless monday but i don't think i could do that just yet, looking at the way we cook our meals.. plus i just had crab last night so that pretty much fail if i do choose meatless monday.. Fruit day seems more achievable for me.. granting that i am able to find some fruits  =b  which reminds me, need to buy some grape for me to munch in the office to avoid being hungry.. 

reason why i chose this? i guess this is at least i could do to eat healthy.. i've never been the one to count calories and such, so i guess i'm just tricking my mind to think that this is a 'healthier' thing..

2. 100 crunches per week
yes i admit that i suck at sticking to working out.. i don't think i can manage to work out everyday even if it takes me 10 minutes.. but hey, i've done it once, maybe i can force myself to do it again.. beck when mum and sis went for umrah, i managed to do 15-30 mins of workout for at least 5 days.. check my tumblr for what i did.. i don't have a specific day to do this, so in case i don't manage to do any during the weekdays, my weekend will be full of crunches... hopefully i could download an app on my tab that could track what i do.. any suggestions?

reason why i chose this? isn't it obvious already.. i've always wanted to work out and if u may notice, most of 'goals' that i set has no result cuz i'm so unmotivated and indiscipline.. why would this be any different? it won't.. i may fail, but i hope i don't.. i want to slowly but surely have a flat tummy.. maybe not by end of sept, but someday perhaps, eh?  =b

3. No post whining and bitching bout work
ok so i might have failed yesterday, but that was supposed to be a backdated post =b (alasan).. but seriously, i wanna stop writing post about how much i hate my work and wanting a new job but not knowing what to do..  i'll try to write more positive post.. hopefully by end of each week, i'll report how my progress is and how i'm doing for Shaytember.. i might try posting through my tab cuz if i wait till i get to work, then it'll just be postponed till an update will seem so yesterday.. 

reason why i chose this? just a random attitude adjustment... i talk the talk but don't really walk the walk so this month is kinda like a chill pill for me... focus on ur work, and get that promotion u're aiming for.. pretty pls?

4. Finish a book
this may seem like nothing cuz i could easily finish reading a book by 3 days top.. but i've seen to stop reading for sometime now.. can't recall when i last read a book, although i know it was this year n and Agatha Christie book.. my aim is to finish this current book i'm reading, then i could go on and read Janet's Stephanie Plum #18...

reason why i chose this? just something to pass the time and feel i have been doing less lately when i should be doing more.. and maybe just another goal to add to the list that i know i can do so i could brag and said, at least i achieved one goal.. no? hahahaha


I don't have sub-goals, cuz these are just short-term goals and just testing the water at how am i able to stick to it.. perhaps i should try October for something more serious? anyway, as i mentioned, i might do progress update (bkn keje je ade progress update k), to see how i'm doing.. i hope that by each sunday, i'll be able to say, "i managed to go through thrusday with only fruits," and also "i did 100 crunches this week, boo-yahh.." the post and book thing, i think i can control.. izad, help me out pls?  =b